Sunday, 25 November 2012

When you see these words, "I think the fourth story, Dirty Martini, was my favorite," and "I liked the last two stories best..." (Mine was second last. *big smile*) about your story, you can't help but get that fluttery feeling. It's nice.

I have to admit I've been quite excited by the comments my story, part of the Second Chances anthology by Bottom Drawer Publications, has received.

See the two reviews in question here:

The positive words have given me the courage to keep writing. Not that I have ever stopped, I mean it more in a figurative sense, but the encouragement makes me more willing to keep plugging on with a goal in mind—submitting my work.

I'm still working on the story I mentioned in my last post. Ben and Todd are still exciting me very much; in fact, the story has a new name, and a prologue now—the joys of novel over short story length: I can add as much as I want. If you read my last post, you know they are a second chance at love—my original second chance at love actually. As teenagers, they weren't both ready for love, but when they meet again, fifteen years later, this may be their time.

Kyle, a secondary character from Ben & Todd's book, will star in Bk 2 of the series. It also has been named, as has the series, and I am very excited for the possibility of seeing them published. Time will tell.

I am also working on a novel of intrigue and mystery. One mc has been named Dominic, a bit clichéd I know, the name seems very popular in m/m stories right now, but it suits him and his lifestyle. I have named the other mc as well, but I'm not willing to share right now, because his name may change. I'm not 100% convinced it is right. I can also see a series in this story, and no, I am not intent on all my characters having series based around them or their world; I have numerous unfinished manuscripts that if I get them completed will remain single stories. But as I have continued to work on this and think about it's ending, which keeps altering by the way, I feel there is possibility. Hopefully, if I get it completed by the date I have imposed on myself, and the editor I plan on submitting it to, sees merit in it, they too will agree with my long-term plan. *crosses fingers*

That's it from me for now. I think I have enough inspiration to write a few thousand words today *again, crosses fingers... and toes* so I'd better get to it.

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