Saturday, 15 September 2012

Apart from the announcement of my inclusion in the anthology,  Second Chances,  I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to all things blogging, tweeting and facebooking for my writing and my author profile. But I thought I should start getting some things down here. Hopefully someone may even read them.

Right now, life is busy. Like most writers (I won’t say “author” because I’m not sure that I classify yet) I have my family and my job—and then I have my imagination.

Stories abound in my head. One after the other they pop in there, making their presence known, wanting me to try and tell them. I’m rather new to the writing game. I was not one of those teenagers always writing away; in fact, I rather despised English at school. Creative writing and poetry were something I had little time for. I’ve always been able to form a reasonable sentence, but I was rather crap—or maybe it was impatient—at writing them into anything interesting in a fictional sense, and analyzing poetry, well simply it was…a big yawn!

But I have always loved books, and stories, with a passion. I think I finally got to a point, and maybe it was a point of maturity, where my own stories wanted to be told. So here I am.

I have a few stories in “construction.” They are all M/M, although I do have a few M/F stories outlined as well. I feel that at some point in the future I may even tell them, but the stories, and characters, I can create within the M/M genre are what have my attention and my love right now.

In fact, I have three stories started. One is actually my first attempt at a submission for Second Chances. But the characters in that one were far too wordy, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do them justice within the word limit parameters of the anthology, so instead I wrote “Dirty Martini.” I am still unsure of a name for their story (well, I have one, but I don’t like it much), but the characters are Ben and Todd, and their story as well, is a second chance at love. I estimate a long novella of around 35,000 for them. Oh, and I am also considering a series based around the Ben and Todd characters, expanding firstly using a secondary character, Kyle. Wish me luck.

Next, is a friends to lovers story. Here we have Callum and Thomas (Cal and Tom). I was very gung-ho when I started this one, actually before the anthology call, so have a reasonable amount written, but I am yet to go back to it. Whenever inspiration strikes I suppose.

Then there is my latest endeavor. It is a story about a tragedy that brings two people together. They fall in love despite having so much against them. It’s unlike anything else I have ever attempted because it has a fair amount of angst involved. Scott and Joel may provide my greatest love story yet.

There is one more, but it is not a solo effort. A friend of mine, and fellow “writer” (although maybe she should be called “author”) have a wonderful story in the works. We are both writing a character each, and they are rather delicious. A doctor and a paramedic—Eric and James. Their story will be explosive. I’m not sure that it’s my place to say too much about this one, being a collaboration and all, but keep an eye open for this one when it is ready.

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