Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nominee Banner

I finally got around to emailing the lovely Melanie at the M/M Romance group to request the banner for my nomination in the category of "Enemies to Lovers" in the 2013 awards. I've attached the banner to the blog, and it'll stay here as a little memento of the occasion.

If you're a member of the group and haven't voted yet, you can click to be taken to the voting pages. There are so many great books in numerous categories, so get to it. ;)


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NaNoWriMo Update

So much for the elusive 50K. Seeing as there are only 4 days to go and my start, although fabulous on Day 1 (and really poor since, i.e., not added to at all), sort of . . . stopped. Well, that's it for me this year.

I actually have a document open right at this very moment on my desktop, just not the one I began for NaNoWriMo—story of my life. I haven't NOT been writing, just like is my way, I've been shuffling through different manuscripts, and new starts, as the mood took me. I've probably gained 10 odd thousand words over the last three weeks (crazy-busy weeks at that), so I'm happy at least that I'm not in a writing funk (definition when it comes to me to be determined). I do wish I could finish one (at least one) of my stories. Maybe that is the definition there.

I may even add to my NaNo novel before the week is out—stranger things have happened. So I won't remove my blinky. I will even hope that the number may move if even only a tiny bit. At least I know it won't go backwards . . . or could it? If I'm honest about my editing and the removal of great chunks of words, I suppose it could. (But that's just our secret.)

So no novel written in a month this year, but there is always next, and knowing me, I'll be prepared to throw my hat in the ring again.

On a complete side-note, I was very chuffed to find that The Candidates has been nominated in the goodreads M/M Romance Group Member's Choice Awards in the category of "Enemies to Lovers". Surprised doesn't even come close to describing what I thought when I saw it as I was leisurely browsing the books up in the various categories. I actually even had to click the link to check they meant my story (there could be another story called The Candidates, surely). So thanks Jeanne. I'm really pleased you thought it deserving, the fact ultimately encouraging.

Off to do some writing. Maybe I might even stay with the story I have open for a few thousand words or so.


Thursday, 31 October 2013

NaNoWriMo '13

So... I've decided to bite the bullet and give this thing a go! I'm all pumped up and raring for it right now, and hopefully that feeling will stick with me. At this point I have nothing to lose, and I regularly write around 2K a day, which is above the average of 1666 to get to that elusive 50K. Mind you, I have no illusions that I'll be writing every day. It won't happen, especially on weekends, but we'll see. I suppose that just means I'll have to up my count on the days I do write. Here's to 50K!

Good luck to anyone taking up the challenge with me. Here's to November.

I'll post updates and teasers here from time to time.

Till then,


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Prizes to win!

It is Bottom Drawer Publications first birthday.

I'd like to help get the word out about this great little publishing house and share the details of some birthday promotions they have happening this weekend.

Click on the above BDP badge to take you to the Rafflecopter entry page where you can like BDP's Facebook page to gain entry to win the WHOLE BDP e-book catalogue and any books that they release over the next twelve months - that is AWESOME! (There may even be something else from me there soon.) Plus there are some vouchers as well.

Good luck to those that enter.

Bette. :)

YOu can also go to Rafflecopter this way:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Facebook Banner...

I'm about to (maybe) post this wonderful banner that was made by BDP for the release of Dirty Martini to Facebook, but seeing as it is a bit of a "desert" over there right now, I've decided to post it here too.

I should really be spending more time over at Facebook developing my page and relationships, but it just hasn't happened for me yet. I find it hard enough to post the odd comment on Twitter, and I have that account open and accessible on my iPad/iPhone all the time. I do like that about Apple's Twitter app, that you can flip through accounts without incessantly needing to log in and out. I have four Facebook accounts at last count: one personal, one work, and two anon (of which one is Bette Browne), and I find that because I have to be able to access my work one, for obvious reasons, it is there I stay logged in. I am totally lazy about logging in and out of things, to the point I will avoid something with the intention of doing it at a later time, which of course rarely then happens. Sigh, isn't this social networking thing supposed to be "easy." I know for a fact it is time consuming. I rarely even go to my "fun" Facebook account anymore (and no, that isn't my personal one ;) ) because it is a notorious time absorber—but then I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone else that!

Anyway... here it is. Thank's, Suz. (she's a clever chickie), and now to some writing. Which story will I open and ponder on today? Hmm...

Till next time,


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dirty Martini has been released!

Dirty Martini was released yesterday as an individual ebook. This is very exciting. What is even more exciting is that it is currently sitting at #74 for its genre on Amazon - wow!

I hope it continues to do well and that those who read it enjoy Nate and Dan as much as I do.

Here is the cover and an excerpt different to the one provided on BDP and the seller sites.


Daniel Fletcher knocks back his third vodka of the night after running into his ex out with the same lover he had found him with in their bed two months before. He'd ended their relationship that night but coming face to face with them still together makes the pain of the breakup still very real.

Nathan Smith has seen more men than he count drowning their sorrows in a bottle at his bar. He understands - he's been there himself. One night a handsome brunette with sad blue eyes makes Nate want to assure him that everything will be okay. The connection he feels from a fleeting touch, as he walks the man out of the bar, shakes and stirs him in ways that he never expected.

What starts out as a means to forget might just be what they both need.

Excerpt (unique to my blog):

DANIEL FLETCHER’S THROBBING head proved he was at least alive—not that he was sure he wanted to be—and although he was in his own bed, Dan had no idea how he’d gotten home. The pain that rushed through his body at the memory of why he had drunk himself into oblivion the night before, made not only his head but his heart hurt as well.

He glanced at the clock on the side table. The illuminated numbers were hard to make out in the bright morning light, but he squinted and moved his head a little to get a better angle, groaning when he saw that it was close to ten-thirty—shit! So much for being at work on time. His inner sarcasm wasn’t lost on himself. Fuck! Even the word, screamed silently inside his head, hurt. Why? he pathetically mused. Well, he knew why; seeing Adam out with that guy—the guy he’d walked in on him fucking in their bed two months ago—had hurt. It had hurt like a bitch. And even if he’d thought he was starting to get over the man and the end of the three-year relationship they’d shared, yesterday had torn open wounds that had only begun to heal. Rationally he knew he was better off without the traitorous bastard, but rationality didn’t always play a fair game in matters of the heart.

Dan pulled himself out of bed and stumbled for the bathroom. His bladder was painfully full, but it wasn’t his only motivation for dragging himself out of bed. He needed Advil and about a gallon of water, and then he needed to call his assistant, Beth. At least he’d had the forethought to send her an email last night—well, he thought he had. He’d have to check his phone when his head stopped spinning.

After relieving himself, he turned to the sink, avoiding his reflection in the mirror. He had no doubt that he looked like shit, just another reminder of the reason he had written himself off the night before, and it was better to avoid that right now. Instead, he turned on the faucet, leaving the water cold, and bent his head down into the bowl, first of all splashing water over his face and neck, and then cupping one hand under the flow of the water and drinking about a pint of it. It felt good, immediately invigorating him. He opened the mirrored wall cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Advil, popped the lid and tipped three caplets into his hand. Hopefully, they’d work quickly, because he felt as if his head were about to explode on his shoulders.

Clutching the small white tablets in his hand, he walked from the room, not caring that he was naked since there was no one there to see him—that was either a good or a bad thing—and made his way to the kitchen. The world seemed so quiet in his apartment. There was none of the frenetic activity he generally associated with this time of the day on a Friday. Today it was just him alone, with his hangover and his misery.

“Screw you, Adam,” Dan yelled in an attempt to break the eerie quiet surrounding him, instantly regretting the action as his head thumped its discomfort. “Screw you,” he mouthed dejectedly, hating the man he had once loved so much for causing him all of this pain. Hating that it still mattered, hating that Adam still had such a hold on his heart. He knew two months wasn’t long, not really, especially considering that he hadn’t seen Adam’s infidelity coming—he’d been totally blindsided. Dan had been in love and had thought that his love was returned.

What a horrible night.

Adam had begged for Dan’s forgiveness, claiming he did love him more than anything in the world, but he’d also admitted that it wasn’t a first-time thing when Dan pressed him on it. Then he’d had the audacity to put the blame on Dan, telling him it only happened because Dan worked too hard, that his hours were too long. It was all bullshit.

His eyes immediately teared up, and he leaned against the kitchen counter, taking a moment to draw in a few deep breaths to steady himself. He knew he needed to forget Adam and move on, and it had been getting better, day-by-day, until yesterday at least, until he’d seen them together. He wasn’t quite back to square one, but he hated that he’d slipped back . . . again—screw you, Adam. It was easy in the light of day to be rational, to try and make his head rule his heart, but knowing and doing were two very different things.

An hour, three Advils, a long warm shower, and a greasy breakfast of bacon later, Dan finally felt reasonably human again. He’d called and told his assistant that he’d be working from home for the day, which she’d expected because he had, in fact, emailed her the night before, claiming that he was coming down with something. She hadn’t pressed him during their call, but they knew each other well enough that he could clearly hear the doubt—and the gut-wrenching tone of sympathy—in her voice.

Jesus! He didn’t want people’s sympathy; all that did was prolong the pain. If they weren’t constantly reminding him that he felt like shit, then maybe he’d be able to get past it.
Dan rolled his eyes at his own patheticness. If there were such a word his name would be the definition.

Get over him, dickhead. Stop wasting time on the cheating bastard and go and find someone who can take your mind off him. A good hard cock and a nice long fuck should do the trick.

His inner voice was spot on. Maybe that was just what he needed. Finding someone to screw had certainly made Adam’s transition a smooth one, if the little punk hanging off his arm last night was any indication of how good Adam had it now.

Dan got himself a hot cup of coffee and carried it into his study. The plan was to follow up on the reports Beth was sending him, and then deal with his own emails and his clients after that. Nothing different really than what he’d be doing if he were in the office anyway. And he could do all of that sitting in his boxer briefs. It seemed rather win-win.


Dirty Martini is available now from all major ebook sellers and from the BDP shop. Find it here.

Bye for now, Bette.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Dirty Martini Re-release.

It is almost twelve months since the release of Second Chances and with it, my story, Dirty Martini. This Friday the 23rd of August will see the individual release of the story by Bottom Drawer Publications in celebration of their anniversary. I don't have the cover to reveal yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post it with links.

Here is the blurb as a reminder:

Daniel Fletcher knocks back his third vodka of the night after running into his ex out with the same lover he had found him with in their bed two months before. He'd ended their relationship that night, but coming face to face with them still together makes the pain of the breakup still very real.

Nathan Smith has seen more men than he count drowning their sorrows in a bottle at his bar. He understands—he's been there himself. One night a handsome brunet with sad blue eyes makes Nate want to assure him that everything will be okay. The connection he feels from a fleeting touch, as he walks the man out of the bar, shakes and stirs him in ways that he never expected.

What starts out as a means to forget might just be what they both need.

It is very exciting! I'm looking forward to revisiting Nate and Dan.


Monday, 15 July 2013

The Candidates available to read free right now.

Many months ago I mentioned I had put my hand up to write a story for the M/M Romance Group over at Goodreads, in their event: "Love Has No Boundaries." Well, today it was posted.

My story focuses around Reece, a marketing professional, who is sent away for a few days to participate in a trial run for a new job. The job is all he could ask for, and he's excited by the prospect of it, until he runs into someone from his past.

Enter Cameron. Reece knew Cameron at college where they were rivals in every sense. Reece has always found Cameron attractive, but that never offset his intense dislike of the man.

Now that they are competing for the same job, will that rivalry continue, or will they be able to get past it and find a more harmonious existence?

The story is titled: The Candidates. Jump on over to Goodreads to read it now. Please note you will have to be a member of the group to access it at this time, and I would advise anyone interested in M/M romance to become one if you're not already. On top of my story, you will find over 100 stories written for the event, with more to come. What have you got to lose?

Here's the cover.


Bette. ;)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hi, all,

I'm not sure why I'm writing this post today; I'm not sure I have all that much to say, but they do say to keep posting , so here I am.

The end of the month is looming and with it multiple deadlines, both for work and play (I tend to consider my writing as being part of the 'play' category right now—at least until it begins to make me money that is).

I've been working hard to finish one story that as it comes to fruition makes me inordinately proud. I really like it. I suppose that's a good thing, and I've certainly 'liked' my stories in the past, but I actually feel I'll still like this one when I reread it in six or twelve months. I tend to be rather self-critical of things that can't be changed, i.e., already completed (and submitted or published) manuscripts. I know I'm certainly not alone in that, but this story may break the mould for me, and that is exciting.

As soon as I get it to bed, I can concentrate on my Love Has No Boundaries Goodreads M/M Romance story, which sadly has had to play second fiddle till now. I have dabbled, and definitely have a plot jotted down (even a couple of thousand words), but it will be nice to really hit it hard. My chosen characters, Reece and Cameron, deserve that from me.

There are busy days, and weeks, ahead, but I think the outcome will be worth the pain.

Hopefully by the time I post next, I'll have good news to share.

Bye for now,



Sunday, 24 March 2013

I wanted to post to let everyone know (cough, cough, mainly me - LOL) I have taken up a prompt in the Goodreads M/M Romance group event: Love Has No Boundaries

I'm rather excited, even if a bit intimidated; the first reason being there is a such short lead time. It is due by May 15 . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. And, there are so many fabulous authors (really well read, popular authors) taking part. But that's okay. I will not let it overwhelm me. I will just do my best with the prompt—which shouldn't be hard; it is fabulous—and write the story.

This is the photo prompt . . . 

Kimberly requested:

Dear Author, After hating each other as college rivals, now they meet again at a job interview and it is not hate sparks that are flying now. Or whatever you can come up with...enemies to lovers...please HEA! 

. . .

I'm excited with my ideas so far and where I'm planning to take the story. It won't be overly long—I am aiming for 15K—but I'll let the story dictate that as I go. It will be sexy and snarky . . . and most importantly, lots of fun.

My biggest hurdle, and fear if I am honest, is the fact that I have another deadline looming for the beginning of May . . . *rolls eyes and begins to shake* . . . but that's okay. If I plan well, I should be fine. [Please cross your fingers for me!!!!!!!]

I'm not sure if I am allowed to blog my teasers here (will check on that) but will do so on my Goodreads Author profile. Click the button link to go there, or

Bye for now, Bette. 


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hi, all.

It's nearing the end of February . . . incredible. Valentine's Day is done and dusted for another year. Hope everyone had a good day—or at least read some great VD romances. I did, some lovely m/m and m/f from my publisher BDP. I really need to get on my Goodreads page and add some of the books I've been reading, but in case I don't, certainly give any of the books from the new Valentine's Day Collection a go:  If it's only m/m you're after then A New Dream by C J Baty was sweet and lovely, and An Unexpected Party by Henrietta Clarke was a British gem—loved the dialogue.

Apart from a bit of reading, I have also been settling back into some writing. Thank goodness. I'm very happy with the story I am working on right now, and even though I am not ready to share titles or the story's future (well planned anyway), I'd love to share an excerpt that I am really happy with.

Hope you enjoy it. Please remember it is still in draft and unedited.

Till next time.


* * *

“Get up,” a deep voice urged him; a hand shaking his shoulder helping to pull him from his deep sleep. “Get up. Hurry.”
Ryan blinked open his eyes, unsure of what was happening. The room was still dark and he didn’t know how long he’d been asleep. He turned his head, looking up, trying to focus, not recognizing the person whose hand was on his shoulder, its firm fingers digging into his flesh.
“Jesus,” he complained, shrugging his shoulder to try and shake the insistent hand off. “Get the fuck off me.”
“We don’t have time for this. You need to get up, and you need to get up now.”
Ryan felt like shit, his whole body resisting even waking up, let alone getting up. “I’m sick, leave me alone,” he grumbled, allowing his eyes to close again.
“I don’t know what your name is, but if you want to be alive in five minutes, you need to get your ass out of this bed.”
The urgency in the man’s tone roused him, aided by the words “alive” and “five minutes.”
Ryan sat up, the rush of blood to his head almost making him fall back down again. The hand that was still on his shoulder held him firm then pulled him off the bed. “Move,” the man said, taking him by the elbow and leading him quickly and insistently from the room.
Ryan put the brakes on just as they reached the top of the staircase, wrenching his arm out of the man’s grasp, a deep cough issuing from his tortured throat. He was conscious enough now to know that nothing about this situation was right. He’d never seen this man before in his life. “I don’t know you and you expect me to leave this house. Not a chance.”
The man turned. Even in the dim light Ryan could see his determined face. “I’m the good guy, believe me. There is a bomb in this house, right there in the study,” he looked over Ryan’s shoulder toward the room in question, “and if you don’t leave with me now then you will die.”
Ryan blinked, trying desperately to process what the man had said. A bomb? In Jacob’s study? He began to shake his head in denial. “You’re wrong. There couldn’t— Who would—?”
“There is a bomb attached to the safe door in Jacob Rite’s study.” The man’s words were punctuated for comprehension. “The timer is set for”—he glanced at his wrist—“less than two minutes.” Ryan felt a chill pass over his body, and it had nothing to do with him being naked. “So move—now!
The man turned and Ryan followed him, rushing down the stairs and then through the lounge room, adrenaline pushing his flu-ridden body on. The light from the kitchen was a beacon, allowing Ryan enough visibility to dodge the obstacles in his way. The man in front of him not once looking back to check he was following, as if it was a given.
They entered the large timber and stone kitchen at a gallop, the man in front of him coming to a total unexpected stop, causing Ryan to collide into his back. “What the—”
Not a second later they were moving again, the man turning and locking his hand with Ryan’s. He pulled Ryan to the left, leading him the long way around the counter, but not before Ryan saw what had made him stop. Jenna the housekeeper was draped backwards over the black stone countertop, her eyes wide open, a ghastly red hole in the middle of her forehead.
“Jenna . . .” he murmured, pain evident in the sorrowful word, a million conclusions rapid firing through his brain. What the hell is happening in this house?
                Bile rose in Ryan’s throat. He held it down, allowing the man holding his hand to pull him forward, his own mortality innately more important to him at that moment.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I hope everyone had a truly wonderful festive period and that you are now ready and raring to go for 2013. Goodness, 2013. Can that even be true? It is really 2013? I certainly can't believe it. I'm sure I believe most of 2012 was abducted by a weird alien force, because it can't have been 12 months since the last NYE celebrations and me lamenting—more than likely—the same thing. *hehe*

But the fact is 2013 has arrived. Hopefully it will be a resounding success for everyone.

My plans for the year haven't changed a great deal from the end of last year. I hope to get my "main" working manuscripts finished and submitted for consideration. I say "main" because there are so many "started" ones, but I am still concentrating on a select few. I seem to be suffering from a bit of writer's block, but hopefully now that Christmas is over and I can get back into my routine, the words will come easier. Gosh, I hope so. They certainly seem to be stuck deep down right now.

I seem to have a bad habit of starting new manuscripts when I can't find the words for a working piece—hence the "many" I mentioned before. I doubt I am alone in that way of dealing. There are certainly words and ideas in my head, just not the ones I am chasing. I think I'll pick another scene to work on and see if that helps ... for ALL of the stories. How can I have four main stories on the go and not be able to pick up on any of them? Maybe that is the issue. Four stories! The funny thing is, I have no issue with any of the voices or the direction I want to take with each of the stories. I just can't seem to get back into them. It is so frustrating.

I'm not worried ... yet. It is a difficult time of the year to stick with routines, and I know that. If I come back in a month and am still struggling with the same problem, then I may plead for help. For now I will just say bye and send best wishes for the new year ahead.

Till next time.