Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Love's Landscapes.

I'm back! It's been almost three months since my last . . . LOL, it almost feels like I need to confess for staying away so long. One day I'll have loads to write/add/ramble on about, so maybe then I'll make more consistent appearances.

I have two things to get excited about right now, but I'll make two separate posts. They each deserve it and are rather special to me.

I finally finished my DWitC story for the MM Romance group. And wow, what a journey that has proved to be. It was "finally" sent to the organisers of the event, coming in at just over 21K for its first draft. It is yet to be edited by the team over there, so that may change, although I am reasonably happy with it as it stands. My issue with completing the draft and sending it in its current form is that I was running so behind I had to send it in without being able to step back and reassess it. The ideal would have been to have a few weeks' or even a month's grace to do so, but that wasn't to be. Luckily my CP/editor seems happy with it too, actually she's rather excited, so that's a bonus—and I trust her opinion very much.

Exposed is the story of Mason (Mase) Reid and Thomas (Tom) Perkins, two NYPD detectives. They've been partners for two years, but not all was as it seemed, or so Tom found out the night he found Mason in a rather compromising predicament. 

Here is the picture prompt that was given, and the accompanying author request:

Fuck! I got all dressed up for an evening alone and forgot that tonight was my night to host "pizza and basketball night" with the guys. My detective partner arrived at my house first and came looking for me upstairs and found me like THIS!!! How am I going to explain this to him?! He doesn't even know I'm GAY! Much less that I have a lingerie and heel fetish!

Author, the kinkier the better (no ménage or cheating). I want there to be tons of tension during the basketball game and please do not have it resolved immediately. I give you the freedom to choose from which pov you want to tell their story.

To say Tom is shocked by what he finds out about Mase is an understatement, but it makes him question more than just what he didn't know about his friend, and question equally himself.
What I discovered while I was planning and writing this story is that the story of these two men is much bigger than I could tackle in the time allocated me to submit to the event. Some authors have written novels in the time, but that wasn't a possibility for me, so my plan is to continue Mason and Tom's journey in a sequel. Fun times ahead.
For now here is the cover for Exposed, I hope you all like it.

Thanks to for permission to use their image as part of my cover art.
The gorgeous red panties are product #290 on their website. 

I'll bring details of release as soon as I know them, but seeing as there are over 200 stories to be posted as part of the event (starting in 5 days) it could be awhile. If you're not a member of the group on Goodreads, make sure to join. Here's the link:


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