Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NaNoWriMo Update

So much for the elusive 50K. Seeing as there are only 4 days to go and my start, although fabulous on Day 1 (and really poor since, i.e., not added to at all), sort of . . . stopped. Well, that's it for me this year.

I actually have a document open right at this very moment on my desktop, just not the one I began for NaNoWriMo—story of my life. I haven't NOT been writing, just like is my way, I've been shuffling through different manuscripts, and new starts, as the mood took me. I've probably gained 10 odd thousand words over the last three weeks (crazy-busy weeks at that), so I'm happy at least that I'm not in a writing funk (definition when it comes to me to be determined). I do wish I could finish one (at least one) of my stories. Maybe that is the definition there.

I may even add to my NaNo novel before the week is out—stranger things have happened. So I won't remove my blinky. I will even hope that the number may move if even only a tiny bit. At least I know it won't go backwards . . . or could it? If I'm honest about my editing and the removal of great chunks of words, I suppose it could. (But that's just our secret.)

So no novel written in a month this year, but there is always next, and knowing me, I'll be prepared to throw my hat in the ring again.

On a complete side-note, I was very chuffed to find that The Candidates has been nominated in the goodreads M/M Romance Group Member's Choice Awards in the category of "Enemies to Lovers". Surprised doesn't even come close to describing what I thought when I saw it as I was leisurely browsing the books up in the various categories. I actually even had to click the link to check they meant my story (there could be another story called The Candidates, surely). So thanks Jeanne. I'm really pleased you thought it deserving, the fact ultimately encouraging.

Off to do some writing. Maybe I might even stay with the story I have open for a few thousand words or so.


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