Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Facebook Banner...

I'm about to (maybe) post this wonderful banner that was made by BDP for the release of Dirty Martini to Facebook, but seeing as it is a bit of a "desert" over there right now, I've decided to post it here too.

I should really be spending more time over at Facebook developing my page and relationships, but it just hasn't happened for me yet. I find it hard enough to post the odd comment on Twitter, and I have that account open and accessible on my iPad/iPhone all the time. I do like that about Apple's Twitter app, that you can flip through accounts without incessantly needing to log in and out. I have four Facebook accounts at last count: one personal, one work, and two anon (of which one is Bette Browne), and I find that because I have to be able to access my work one, for obvious reasons, it is there I stay logged in. I am totally lazy about logging in and out of things, to the point I will avoid something with the intention of doing it at a later time, which of course rarely then happens. Sigh, isn't this social networking thing supposed to be "easy." I know for a fact it is time consuming. I rarely even go to my "fun" Facebook account anymore (and no, that isn't my personal one ;) ) because it is a notorious time absorber—but then I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone else that!

Anyway... here it is. Thank's, Suz. (she's a clever chickie), and now to some writing. Which story will I open and ponder on today? Hmm...

Till next time,


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