Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I hope everyone had a truly wonderful festive period and that you are now ready and raring to go for 2013. Goodness, 2013. Can that even be true? It is really 2013? I certainly can't believe it. I'm sure I believe most of 2012 was abducted by a weird alien force, because it can't have been 12 months since the last NYE celebrations and me lamenting—more than likely—the same thing. *hehe*

But the fact is 2013 has arrived. Hopefully it will be a resounding success for everyone.

My plans for the year haven't changed a great deal from the end of last year. I hope to get my "main" working manuscripts finished and submitted for consideration. I say "main" because there are so many "started" ones, but I am still concentrating on a select few. I seem to be suffering from a bit of writer's block, but hopefully now that Christmas is over and I can get back into my routine, the words will come easier. Gosh, I hope so. They certainly seem to be stuck deep down right now.

I seem to have a bad habit of starting new manuscripts when I can't find the words for a working piece—hence the "many" I mentioned before. I doubt I am alone in that way of dealing. There are certainly words and ideas in my head, just not the ones I am chasing. I think I'll pick another scene to work on and see if that helps ... for ALL of the stories. How can I have four main stories on the go and not be able to pick up on any of them? Maybe that is the issue. Four stories! The funny thing is, I have no issue with any of the voices or the direction I want to take with each of the stories. I just can't seem to get back into them. It is so frustrating.

I'm not worried ... yet. It is a difficult time of the year to stick with routines, and I know that. If I come back in a month and am still struggling with the same problem, then I may plead for help. For now I will just say bye and send best wishes for the new year ahead.

Till next time.


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